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Class03 - Lessonb03

Position and Direction
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Class 03 : Awesome!, Asking Direction, Shopping

Japanese Lesson 7, 8, 9. Awesome!, Asking Direction, Shopping.

Lesson 07:Awesome! You can praise a person as much as you want
Lesson 08:Asking Direction Ask for a direction to Japanese in Japan.
Lesson 09:Shopping You can buy things in Japanese
Lesson b03:Position and Direction You can learn the vocabularies in Japanese to point a direction

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Lesson 07: Awesome!

01 Accolade, 02 Praising Person, 03 Praising Stranger, 04 Prising Object

Lesson 08: Asking Direction

01 Asking Direction, 02 Asking for Advice, 03 At Station.

Lesson 09: Shopping

01 Shopping, 02 At Souvenir Shop, 03 At Clothing Store

Lesson b03: Position and Direction

Learn words for directions and for positions.

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