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Class02 - Lesson004

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Class 02 : Apologize. Conbini. Visiting House

Japanese Lesson 4 5 6: Apologize. Conbini. Visiting House

Lesson 04:Apologize You can appropriately apologize to Japanese in light, normal, or serious situations.
Lesson 05:At Convenience Store Conversations in convenience stores are rather fixed. You can learn it quickly.
Lesson 06:Visiting Japanese House Don't be nervous when you are invited to Japanese hose. Learn appropriate words and manners beforehand.
Lesson b02:Numbers You can study how to pronounce numbers in Japanese

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Lesson 04: Apologize

01 Sorry(light). 02 Sorry(normal). 03 Sorry(serious)

Lesson 05: At Convenience Store

01 Lunch Box. 02 A drink. 03 Others

Lesson 06: Visiting Japanese House

01 Greeting, 02 Drink, 03 Dinner, 04 Leaving

Lesson b02: Numbers

Japanese number system

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