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How to Start MustLoveJapanese
What is MLJ Usable Japanese class?
How to start MLJ Usable Japanese class?
How to study MLJ Usable Japanese lesson?

What is MLJ Usable Japanese class?

The each class of MLJ Usable Japanese (MLJapanese) contains three lessons and one basic Japanese. Each lesson offers different situation or scheme. In the lesson, you can learn the man's friendly way, Woman's friendly way, polite way, business way and Samurai way of speaking Japanese.

For example, the lesson 01 is "greeting" in Japanese. You can learn Japanese greeting for morning, noon, evening, night and good-bye to your friends, to your business clients, to senior friends, or incase you are Samurai. Each lesson also teaches you special tips for common mistake which made by foreigners. Basic Japanese teach you the basics of Japanese. For example, the lesson 01 teaches you how to read Hirakana/Katakana and pronounce Japanese syllabary.

Note: Textbook is converted PDF file. You need to software to open and print out PDF files.
Download the sample page of Lesson01

How to start MLJ Usable Japanese class?

To start MLJapanese, you got to join MLJ membership and purchase a textbook of each class. Here is the steps to start MLJapanese.

Step 1

Sign-up for MLJ membership. The link to 'the sign-up' page is located on the top right of each pages or on the left navi button in each MLJapanese pages. Fill the application and send it. Soon, you will receive the e-mail which has the link to activate your account. Click the link and activate your account. That's it for signing up MLJ membership.

Step 2

After sign-up (if you have proceeded the sign-up, you are already log-in), the buttons of sign-up which appears on MLJapanese pages will changes to Paypal buttons. Proceed the payment at PayPal to download the textbook of the class which you are interested in.

After the payment is finished, you can download the purchased textbook anytime (no limitation of downloading). The downloading start automatically, but also the button of PayPay will change to download button. Click the button to download, just incase if you lost the PDF files. MLJ keeps the record of your account so that you are always able to figure out available textbooks and service.

Step 3

Print out the textbook and visit the class on MLJapanese pages.

How to study MLJ Usable Japanese lesson?

First of all, you have to join MLJ membership and purchase our textbook of each class. Each class has 3 lesson and 1 basic Japanese. Each lesson has several chapters and tips.

When you study MLJapanese, visit to the class page of the textbook which you have. Play the video of each lesson, and practice how to pronounce the Japanese with real situation and circumstance. On the textbook, it will explain the each conversation, vocabulary and grammars. Also, in the tips of each chapter, we teach you the tips to help your Japanese more comfortable. Also, tips will help you understand the common mistake which mostly made by non-native Japanese speakers.


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