Structures reserved for Japanese Buddhism.
Temples are best way to feel and watch the Japanese history. All temples have interesting historical background, and the buildings themselves are the great historical trace. Some of the temple has over 1000 years of history with original shapes. Many temples have also great gardens and wanders like Great Buddha.

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Chusonji Temple

Kiyomizu Temple


Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

Hokokuji Temple

Hasedera Temple

Engakuji Temple

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Risshakuji Temple

Zenko-ji Temple

Sensoji Temple

Kuonji Temple

Kongobuji temple

Danjo Garan

Jishoji Temple

Motsuji Temple


Taiyuin Temple

Menuma Shodenzan

Konpon Daitoh

Erinji temple

Zuiryuji Temple

Kurama Temple

Myohonji Temple

Shomyoji Temple

Kai Zenkoji Temple

Keitokuin Temple

Zuisenji Temple

Kennin-ji Temple

Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple

Daikakuji temple


Nihonji Temple

Katsuo-ji Temple

Daiju-ji Temple

Nariaiji Temple

Kimpusenji Temple

Nishi Honganji Temple

Nanzenji Temple

Shitennoji Temple


Sugimoto Temple

Hozenji Temple

Manpukuji Temple

Gokurakuji Temple

Takadachi Yoshitsune Hall

Kawagoedaishi Kitain Temple

Nisonin Temple

Ishiteji Temple

Daizenji Temple

Teishoji Temple

Hinata Yakushi Temple

Horaiji Temple

Toyokoawa Inari

Negoroji temple

Kimii Temple

Shoden Temple

Enryakuji Temple Yokawa

Chofukuji Temple

Ryugenji Temple

Ryukoji Temple

Myorakuji Temple

Myokokuji Temple

Mibu Temple

Jojakkoji Temple

Anyoin Temple


Rensyoin Jorakuji Temple

Aizu Sazaedo

Chogakuji Temple


Jyoshozenji Temple

Toganji Temple

Myogyoji Temple

Takkoku Cave Bisyamondo

Hokoji Temple

Sefukuji Temple

Obasute Chorakuji Temple

Eishoin Temple

Darumaji temple

Kokawa Temple

Nyoirinji Temple

Anrakuji Temple

Daihoji Temple

Sogenji Sazaedo

Joeiji Temple

Kosokuji Temple

Matsuchiyamashoden Temple

Sekidenji Temple

Rinsenji Temple

Hiyorimi Yakushido Temple

Jionzen-ji Temple

Koyasan Kondo Hall

Chionji Temple

Zensanji Temple

Entokuin Temple

Hongakuji Temple

Sekisuiji Temple

Amidaji Temple

Sainenji Temple

Baiinzenji Temple

Kozenji Temple


Syoriji Temple

Senshu Matsuo Temple

Iwade Kannon

Juzenritsu-in Temple

Jorakuji Temple

Karita Yakushi Jokoji

Tokuonji Temple

Shogenji Temple

Jogyoji Temple

Shinrakuji Temple

Kitamuki Kannon

Chusonji Temple

Travel Information

Chusonji Temple (中尊寺) was established by Priest Jigaku in 850. The history of Chusonji actually began,...
when Fujiwara no Kiyohira settled principal images herein early 12th century. Kiyohira, the first lord of Oshu Fujiwara clan, built Chusonji for Buddhist Pure Land. Today, it is the most popular site in Hiraizumi and one of UNESCO world heritage sites. There are many beautiful temples and it has great harmony with nature. Konjikido, literary means golden temple, is the only remaining building which exists since the time of Oshu Fujiwara clan in Hiraizumi.

Visitor's Info.
Admission for Konjikido: 800 yen for adult. High school 500 yen. Junior high 300 yen. Elementary 200 yen. There is a group discount.
Open: 8:30 to 17:00 (Nov 4 to end of Feb 8:30 to 16:30.

0. at Ichinoseki Station.
1. use JR Tohoku Line to Hiraizumi (9 min.)
2. use the local bus to Chusonji (5 min.)