Area Distribution : Gunma

Sightseeing Guide: Gunma

Gunma (群馬) Prefecture is situated at what is almost the center of Japan. It is also part of north part of Kanto region. Because there is no sea side but surrounded by mountains, there are many beautiful natures. Because of the pure water from those mountains, there are many food you can enjoy, like soba or udon. Wood products like creative Kokeshi is also one of the interesting face of Gunma Prefecture.

Nature of Gunma

Moutains range across the northwestern part of the prefecture. Most notable are the three Jyomo mountains of Mt Akagi, Mt Haruna and Mt. Myogi. They are host to over four hundred rivers of every size, almost all of which converge with the Tone River. THe mountain rivers of Gunma Prefecture are both beautiful and rich in variety. Most hot springs can be found throughout the prefecture.