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Class01 - Lesson001

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Class 01 : Greeting. Self-introduction. Thank you.

Japanese Lesson 1 2 3: Greeting. Self-introduction. Thank you.

Lesson 01:Greeting You can study how to greet when meeting Japanese, in day and night, in friendly or business situation.
Lesson 02:Self‐Introduction You can study how to introduce yourself in friend situation, business situation and in Samurai situation.
Lesson 03:Thank you You can appriciate to Japanese friend or business client, light or serious.
Lesson b01:Japanese syllabary You can study each of all Japanese syllabary (50-on) in detail.

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Lesson 01: Greeting

01 Morning, 02 Daytime/Noon, 03 Evening, 04 Good-bye, 05 Night

Lesson 02: Self‐Introduction

01 First time meeting, 02 Introduced by a person, 03 Long time, no see, 04 Asking person’s name

Lesson 03: Thank you

01 Normal thank you. 02 You’re welcome. 03 Light Thank you. 04 Serious Thank you.

Lesson b01: Japanese syllabary

Japanese syllabary in detail

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