Area Distribution : Shiga

Sightseeing Guide: Shiga

Shiga Prefecture is located east side of Kinki region. It surrounds Lake Biwa which is the biggest lake in Japan. Shiga is the only prefecture which has ports without facing the sea side. Historically Shiga, especially Maibara area was very important place because Tokaido way, Nakasendo way and Hokurikudo way were connected in this area. It was called "whoever gets this place, he will rule Japan," and during the Sengoku Period, many Daymyo, feudal lords, fought to take this location. Oda Nobunaga finally took over this area and built Azuchi Castle to symbolize his victory and announcement that he was the top of Samurai in Sengoku Period. Southern Shiga is also known as the town of Koga Ninja. Also, there are many historic building and ruins, such as Enryakuji Temple, Hikone Castle, and Ome Hachiman which gives you great image of Sengoku period.