Video Travel Guide of Japan
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City Town Local

Video that explains characteristics of cities, towns, and villages

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Subcategories for City Town Local

Tourist Attractions

City that mainly build on tourism Without any kinds previous information, you can still enjoy ...

Hips and Fashionables

Fashionable cities like Harajuku, Shibuya, or Ginza. Not only you can enjoy shopping in those ...

Popular Spots

Spots not for tourism but yet very popular. It is not travel spot, but it is world wide famous ...


An onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used ...



Historical & Cultural Sites

City that has more than 300 years of history Kamakua, Kyoto, Nara and many other cities still ...

Modern Cities

Cities and Towns which very developed and established within 50 years.


Towers and high buildings that offers aerial views.

Samurai House

Edo-style House of Samurai

Traditional & Edo Style Houses

Traditional & Edo Style Houses that constructed over 100s years ago.

Country Sides

Less populated with lot of Nature. Stepping out from the big city like Tokyo, you will find the ...


Popular Illumination and light-up sceneries.

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