Mountains and hills.
Japanese mountains offer from easy one day hiking to hard time climbing for all season. Mountains have different faces for each season. In the spring, you can enjoy snow and flower blooming. In summer, they become easy hiking course with beautiful trees. In fall, you can see the great autumn colors. In winter, some of the mountains become the hardest mountain to clime. Japanese mountains are also very beautiful to see from far sight. Mt. Fuji is the mountain to watch and feel.

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Mt. Takao

Mt. Nokogiri-yama

360 degrees view of Mt. Fuji

The Summit of Mt.Fuji

Miharu of Ozegahara

Kamikochi Highland

Mt. Mitake

Mt. Oyama

Mt. Shichimen


Senjojiki Cirque

Mt. Hokidaisen

Mt. Komagatake

Mt. Myogi

Mt. Tenjo

Mt. Misen


Shikoku Karst

Mt. Kisokomagatake

The Middle point of Mt Fuji

Nihondaira Hill

Mt. Hodo

Jukkoku Mt. Pass

Mt. Tsukuba

Mt. Shirane

Mt. Chiiwa

Fujinomiya side of Mt. Fuji

Juurigi Highland

Mt. Omuro

Mt. Ontake

Taiko Rock

Mt. Bounorei


Mt. Bandai


Mt. Kurofu

Mt. Daibosatsu

Mt. Hinata

Mt Fuji from Koyodai

Mt. Myojin

Kirifuri Highland

Mt. Myojo

Panorama Hilltop

Mt. Nesugata

Mt. Kintoki

Satta Pass

Mt. Katsuragi

Ashigara Mountain Pass

Mt. Ohira

Mt. Jizo of Zao

Mt. Takigo

Mt Buko

Mt. Ryugadake

Mt. Amagi

Mt. Arakura



Mt. Odake

Mt. Akagi

Mt. Takatori

Mt. Kameyama in Kesennuma

Mt. Hirao

Mt Mitsutouge

Mt Minobu

Mt. Chausu

Mt. Asahi in Nasu

Nyukasa Marsh

Mt. Misaka Kurodake


Mt. Kirigamine

Mt. Issaikyo

Shonandaira Hills

Asagiri Highland

The Rock of Koza river


Mt. Shizuhata


Mt. Ishiwari

Mt. Takamine

Mt. Mizunotou

Mt. Hirugatake

Mt. Futago

Mt. Amari

Mt. Kamongatake

Nagao Mt. Pass

Mt. Ono

Misaka Mt.Pass

Winter of Lk. Yamanaka

Mt. Saijo

Hakone Highland

Fudo Rock Observatory

Banji Rock

Kibio Mountain Pass

Mt. Otakamori

Murodo Highland

Takigashira Marsh

Mt. Sentoboshi

Mt. Ogusu

Shirasawa Mountain Pass

Tenjin Daira

Mt. Hongu

Kirifuri Highland Daylily Garden

Ohya kuzure

Mt. Tamon

Okushiobara New Volcanic Spring

Mt. Kinkei

Mt. Amba

Mt. Tsuboyama

Mt. Takao

Travel Information

Mount Takao (高尾山) is a 600 metre high mountain located in Hachioji, Tokyo and is said to be one of 100 best landscapes in Japan. The Michelin Guide also rates it as a three star attraction; their highest ranking. It is the most popular mountain in Tokyo, so although the mountain is a long way to the west, there's still convenient public transportation making it very easy to visit for hiking. On the top of mountain, there is a twelve hundred year old temple and you can enjoy great views of Mount Fuji on a clear day. There are seven hiking routes to climb this mountain, and cable car is also available if you're not feeling that energetic. Mount Takao is a great mountain for a one day hike with easy access from Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
There are parking space, shops and restaurants.

0. at Shinjuku Station
1. Use Keio Line to Takaosanguchi (50 min.)