Waterfall emphasizing "100 best falls in Japan"
There are about 2,500 waterfalls which has more than 5m (17 ft.) high and the constant activity of water.
Japan is also know as the country of mountain and forest which create many beautiful waterfalls all over in Japan.

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Kegon Waterfall

Fukuroda Waterfall

Shomyo Falls

Nachi Falls

Joren Fall

Sanjo Falls

Kawazu Nanadaru

Senga Waterfall

Jofu Falls

Shoji Falls

Ryuka Falls

Atera Seven Falls

Hirayu Great Falls

Zao Fudo Falls

Hyakuyojo Falls

West Shiiya Falls

East Shiiya Falls

Mikaeri Falls

Kannon Falls

Kameiwa no Dokutsu

Akame 48 Waterfalls

Shiraito Waterfall

Hossawa Waterfall

Fukiware Fall

Yu Waterfall

Abe Waterfall

Awamata Waterfalls

Hyakuhiro Falls

Hyakken Falls

Neo Falls

Yonako Great Falls

Sandan Falls

Jakko Falls

Yoro Falls

Ryusoga Falls

Sanbon Falls

Amida Falls

Tokoniji Falls

Kamba Falls

Shinjo Fudo Falls

Tadachi Falls

Kuwanoki Falls

Kumano Nunobiki Falls

Fukube Falls

Ubaga Falls

Akiu Great Falls

Sankai Falls

Tendaki Falls

Saruo Falls

Todoroki Falls

Hondana Falls

Oko Falls

Senpiro falls

Amagoi Falls

Shindo Falls

Harajiri Falls

Otsuji Falls

Mino Falls

Manjo Falls

Itoigawa Fudo Falls

Choshi ga taki Falls

Goshiki Falls

Zenki Fudo 7 Layers Falls

Otodome Waterfall

Syasui Waterfall

Marukami Waterfall

Fudo Fall

Hayato Fall

Kirifuri Waterfall

Ryuzu Waterfall

Nanatsugama Godan Falls

Yozawa Falls

Yuhi Falls

Narusawa Falls

Mitsu Falls

Hi Falls

Maya Falls

Ichijio Falls

Bandokoro Great Falls

Manai Falls

Ryuugin Falls

Tenga Falls

Yomogi Fudo Falls

Kozo Fudo Falls

Kosuge Odaki Falls

Ryuzu Falls

Amedaki Falls

Oyokezawa Fudo Falls

Otaru Falls

Onoshima Falls

Onaka Great Falls

Bozukuri Falls

Urami Falls of Minakami

Ryumon Falls

Fukino Falls

Mogamigawa Shiraito Falls

Namegawa Great Falls

Kumoi Falls

Nana Falls

Tashiro Falls

Sasa Falls

Kanabiki Falls

Shizuku Falls

Akame Ninai Falls

Kaneyama Falls

Urami Waterfall

Tsukimachi Waterfall in Mito

Hiryu Falls

Sennin Falls

Doryu Falls

Gunma Senga Falls

Ogura Falls

Zengoro Falls

Takino hai

Homei 48 falls

Ane Falls

Unasawa Great Falls

Ojirogawa Fudo Falls

Yashio Falls

Daisen Falls

Hara-Fudo Falls

Kuroyama Three Waterfals

Komorebi Falls

Fueki Falls

Makime Great Falls

Yakushima Nunobiki Falls

Toroki Falls

Takigo Falls

Tamadare Falls

Otome Falls

Yokoya Kirifuri Falls

Yokoya Outaki Falls

Chinda Falls

Nanatsu Falls

Gongen Falls

Magome Odaki Falls

Hahano Sirataki Falls

Hida Choshi Falls

Jao Falls

Utsue 48 Waterfalls

Choshi Great Falls

Akita Mikaeri Falls

South Shoji Falls

Otai Falls

Goko no Taki

Akamizu Waterfall

Kiyosato Otaki Falls

Naena Falls

So Falls

Kimyo Falls

Nikko Shiraito Falls

Toyama Ryujin Falls

Amanbuchi Falls

Hayakawa Oshio Falls

Hanajiro Falls

Haccho Great Falls

Toyofusa Falls

Kamasoko Falls

Shiritaka Falls

Futakuchikyo Shiraito Falls

Unasawa Mitsugama Falls

Shiraiwa Falls

Kosuge Shiraito Falls

Kuragari Fudo Falls

Ushiga Falls

Hakuryu Falls

Hiraname Falls

Mokake Falls

Doshi Odaki and Medaki

Shiokawa Falls

Midori Fudo Falls

Goryu Falls

Fuji Asahi Falls

Yakushima Ryujin Falls

Kiyotaki Falls

Koyama Falls

Kamisuzu Falls

Biwa Falls

Kamiyama Uguisu Falls

Komadome Falls

Mito Great Falls

Nine Head Dragon Falls

Magome Medaki Falls

Nanatsu Falls

Kajikasawa Falls

Ooo Fudo Falls

Kodaru Falls

Shiratama Falls

Higurashi Falls

Houou Shiraito Falls

Koto Falls

Akame Biwa Falls

Seno Falls

Niu Falls

Kishiwada Amefuri Falls

Kongo Fallws

Aritagawa Ubagataki Falls

Nikai Fall

Namase Waterfall in Mito

Aso Falls

Shiraito Falls

Chichibu Kegon Falls

Nanayo Falls

Sengo Falls

Taro Jiro Falls

Ayu Falls

Karatani Falls

Osaka Shiraito Falls

Hagoromo Shiraito Falls / Medaki

Chushi Falls

Koshin Seven Falls

Odana Falls

Amefuri Falls

Rikuzentakata Shiraito Falls

Kiso Ono Falls

Suzumi Falls

Fudo Falls of Oyana river

Kumano Ara Falls

Maenosoubiki Falls

Nejire Falls

Tarugasawa Falls

Atera Rokudan Falls

Nijimi falls

Yugawara Fudo Falls

Kaikonjo Falls

Asahi Falls

Amedaki Nunobiki Falls

Sanagisawa Fudo Falls

Karasawa Falls

Mt. Kenashi Fudo Falls

Ebirasawa Falls

Shimodana Falls

Hiryu Otoshi Falls

Shintaki Falls

Kamiyama Fudo Falls

Kamiyama Momiji Falls

Kamiyama Kannon Falls

Makado Falls

Momonoo Falls

Suga Falls

Sagiri Falls

Miyajimakyo Ichinotaki Falls

Oirase Kudan Falls

Byobuiwa Falls

Totsukawa Fudo Falls

Phenix Falls

Akame Fudo Falls

Akame Senju Falls

Akame Nunobiki Falls

Goko Falls

Takihata Ara Falls

Sejiri Fudo Falls

Chisuji Fall

Akaganetoyo Falls

Momotaro Falls

Bandokoro Small Falls

Nunobiki Falls

Rasen Falls

Kiri Falls

Tadachi Fudo Falls

Uruu Falls

Bo Falls

Kawatabi Shiraito Falls

Jimba Falls

Somen Falls

Mochiga Falls

Fujikake Falls

Buko Fudo Falls

Bandai Maborosi Falls

Izu Asahi Falls

Hakuryu Falls

Kinryu Falls

Miyajimakyo Ninotaki Falls

Shimai Falls

Curtain Falls

Kizetsukyo Fudo Falls

Hadano Black Dragon Falls

Aya Waterfall

Dragon Waterfall

Fudo Waterfall in Mito

Umegashima Sandan Waterfall

Koigataki Waterfall

Senga fall

Matsuba Falls

Ayahiro Falls

Tawara Falls

Hagoromo Shiraito Falls / Odaki

Fushimi Falls

Syakunage Falls

Koizumi Falls

Tamatare Falls

Gero Shirataki Falls

Futami Falls

Koyo Falls

Kurotaki Fall

Otaki Falls and Kotaki Falls

Kiso Kakuyoku Falls

Oyanagawa Godan Falls

Shirami Falls

Minamibousou Bo Falls

Satomi Fudo Falls

Soryu Falls

Tenguiwa Falls

Kuragari Maboroshi Falls

Tategoto falls

Yugawara Godan Falls

Jinja Falls

Ayugaeri Falls

Yamayuri Falls

Arakurayama Otana Falls

Hitachi Tamadare Falls

Sugaya Fudo Falls

Domeki Falls

Miyajimakyo San no taki Falls

Oirase Furo Falls

Nomizo Falls

Ito Falls

Haso Falls

Takataki Fudo Falls

Yakushi Falls

Saga Falls

Fujikura Falls

Mandara Falls

Kegon Waterfall

Travel Information

Kegon Waterfall (華厳の滝, Kegonnotaki) is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, and one of the three great falls in Nikko, and one of the three great waterfalls in Japan. Moreover, Kegon waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Japan. It is located Okunikko (奥日光) in Tochigi Prefecture. Kegon waterfall is 97m(326 ft.) high, and 7m width. Water come from Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖), and a mount of water falls 2 tons per second. It sometimes increases tremendously after heavy rain. It is a grand view of 97m straight fall.

Tourist Info.
There is parking, restroom, and gift show. 520 yen for Observation deck which located the bottom of the fall. In the rain season, the fall sometimes covered by fog. Check the weather before you visit.

0. at Nikko Station
1. use Tobunikko bus to Kegononotaki iriguchi (45 min.)
2. walk (2 min.)