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Usable Japanese Lesson presented by MustLoveJapan

Make great friendships with Japanese people!

Learn "Key-Phrase" to generate fun for Japanese people!

To make great friendships with Japanese people - even when you are talking to them in English - why don't you use a Japanese phrase to spice up your communication? When you apply these snippets at the right moment and situation in your conversation, it is a huge help to make closer friendships.

However, if that phrase was not used correctly, it would not work at all. Moreover, it might cause serious problems, and sometimes it may upset your friends.

When just saying one Japanese word, it must be used in a clear accent, with correct timing and in the right context. MustLoveJapan focuses on the right "Key-Phrase" and exhaustively show you that "Key-Phrase" in all its aspects.

It's a magical way to open Japanese hearts!

Enjoying the life in Japan

Use "Key-Phrase" to begin your active live of Japanese life.
To enjoy life in Japan, there is a significant difference if you can speak Japanese or not in daily Japanese life. If you can speak even a little "Key-Phrase" in conversation, it makes so many more things possible.

Have you ever hesitated to use a Japanese convenience store? Have you ever been confused at a restaurant because of Japanese?

You can solve those uncomfortable situations by learning "Key-Phrase" and make your life in Japan easy and fun. MLJ gives you simple but very important "Key-Phrase" for all kinds of situations of daily life in Japan.

Having a great travel in Japan

"Key-Phrase" can give you quality time with Japanese people.
If you can speak a little bit of Japanese, your travel will much more rewarding - to enjoy Japanese travel and fill your heart with beautiful memories. To buy souvenirs smoothly, to ask directions simply, to make Japanese friends on your trip easily.

Not being able to communicate is not only your problem in Japan. Japanese people also feel anxiety from trying to communicate with foreigners because most of them can't speak English.

However, if you know some of our "Key-Phrase" expressions to start a conversation, that will help Japanese people relax. You can learn those "Key-Phrase" expressions at MLJ just before you travel to Japan. It will take only a half-hour or couple of hours, and it will return so many benefits later for your efforts.

What the Japanese Lessons MustLoveJapan does *NOT* offer

The Japanese lessons of MustLoveJapan are not complete and through Japanese lessons, or Japanese classes to help you read Japanese books or watch Japanese movies. MLJ concentrates on the "Key-Phrase" to help you make friends.

You don't have to pay expensive tuition fees nor attend boring classes; just learn "Key-Phrase". MLJ will not teach you extensive aspects of Japanese grammar that even Japanese people are't sure. MLJ will not teach you every corner of Japanese that Japanese people don't use in daily life.

MustLoveJapanese: the usable Japanese lesson by MustLoveJapan

MLJ offers "MustLoveJapanese" as an on-line Japanese lesson with videos and a textbook. Unlike other typical Japanese lessons, we don't have to spend lots of time learning boring basic Japanese.

You can use "Key-Phrase" immediately to communicate with Japanese people. Please try our "Key-Phrase" courses from MLJapanese today. It will change your life in Japan tomorrow.

Learning Japanese from the Videos

You will learn each "Key-Phrase" expression and situation together from our videos.
MLJapanese videos provide you with the correct pronunciation and speed of real Japanese conversation. They will show you different situations which are based on daily life in Japan, and give you the most efficient and natural "Key-Phrase" expression in each situation.

Every lesson has an overall situation, such as "Key-Phrase". Then, chapters of the lesson provide many possible variations on that situation. The video of the chapters provides real Japanese conversation. In this way, you will learn the correct pronunciation and timing, including gestures. Please watch the video clips with their great selections of "Key-Phrase" expressions over and over. When you face the situation for real, the "Key-Phrase" will come naturally.

Being Friendly, Polite, Businesslike (and even Samurai)

Expressions accoding the situations: Making Friends, Being Polite, Doing Business.
The way of speaking Japanese becomes different in the situations based on whom you are talking to. It changes to different words by gender and age group. Though it can be acceptable and sometimes amusing to use the wrong expression because you are a foreigner, MLJ helps you match up the correct Japanese "Key-Phrase" expression and situation in a more satisfying and natural way.

Each MLJ lesson covers a "Key-Phrase" for speaking to friends, speaking politely to someone you don't know, and speaking in a way that is appropriate for business. MLJ even teaches a Samurai speech. (MLJ highly likely is the only lessons in the world to give you Samurai words.)

The textbook offers various ways of using "Key-Phrases".

The textbook explains the "Key-Phrases" in detail and offers flexible correspondence.
Sometimes, Japanese are too fast and it can be very hard to understand. The textbook explains the situation of the video and its conversation. It provides the tips and exercises that help you apply them to similar situations. It also explains the common mistakes made by non-native speakers.

You will learn how to listen to and speak "Key-Phrase", then read the textbook and understand the context of the "Key-Phrase", so that you can apply it to a real conversation with Japanese people.

It does not take much

The MustLoveJapanese lessons are not studies on which you have to spend long hours or days. An MLJapanese lesson is a practical Japanese lesson where you can quickly watch video and read textbook, even just before you need it in a similar situation.

For example, if you are going to a Japanese convenience store, you just watch and read the lesson of "At a convenience store", and you will have an easier time shopping at the store. You can just purchase the lessons with the situations you are interested in, and you will immediately learn the "Key-Phrase" for the situation.

Let's start!

MustLoveJapanese focuses on Japanese lessons that help you make friends. It costs you no painful study for hours and hours. You need no educational background or no expensive tuition for the class.

You can start easily and learn immediately with MustLoveJapanese. It will not take more than a few minutes before you can start your conversation in applied Japanese. Covering "Key-Phrase" for all the necessary situations is not so difficult.

Why not make your travel experience in Japan broader and more fun by learning Japanese with MustLoveJapanese? Try the Japanese key-phrases with Japanese people. If our "Key-Phrase" didn't help you get along better with Japanese people, you can get your money back any time.

Give us your chance. We won’t let you down!

Download the Textbook of MLJ Usable Japanese!

Use the textbook to know Usable Japanese quicker and more efficient. The textbook contains Vocabulary, Kanji, Descriptions, applied tips and practical information of each three lessons.

Download the sample page of Lesson01

Price: 4.99 USD for each class.

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