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Sightseeing Guide:

Kesennuma (気仙沼) is a northern seaside area of Miyagi prefecture. Kesennuma and seaside of Iwate prefecture are called "Sanriku." Geologically, Sanriku is ria coast area, therefore fisheries industry are very strong in Kesennuma. Especially, Shark fin is very popular Kesennuma seafood delicacy. Also, ria coast creates very beautiful scenery. Tourism in Kesennuma is very popular in Sanriku region. In March 11, 2011, this area had been damaged seriously by Tsunami.

Access to Kesennuma

By Car

Use Sendaitobu Express Way to Sanriku Express Way. Exit at Mitsumizodo. 398 to Kesennuma.

By Train

Use Tohoku Shinkansen to Ichinoseki Station. Change to JR Dragonrail Ofunato Line to Kesennuma Station.

Kesennuma restoration mall

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