Kesennuma Yokocho

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Kesennuma Yokocho (気仙沼横丁) is a portable stall shopping mall located in Kesennuma, Miyagi. It was built after Tsunami in March 2011. All of the stores around this area were destroyed by Tsunami. This shopping mall is started as the beginning of the restoring and created a new tourist spot. There are 14 restaurants and bars, and 6 stores that sales local products and souvenir. All of the restaurants serve the fresh local food, especially seafood, and the menu are very reasonable and taste excellent. It is a great place enjoy Kesennuma food.

Tourist Info.
There are restroom and parking.

This mall has been closed but for the memory of the restoration, we keep this video.

0. at Kesennuma Station.
1. walk east (20min.)

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Map around Kesennuma Yokocho

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Kesennuma Yokocho

Fukkoyataimura Kesennuma Yokocho is one of the symbol and tourist spot of Kesennuma after Tsunami in March 2011. It is a temporary shopping mall located in downtown of Kesennuma. There are 20 stores in this mall.

Restaurant and Bar
Atamiya: Ramen shop.
Magurotei: Tuna special restaurant directly run by Tuna-Bonito fishery association.
Tontokoton: Pork cutlet Restaurant.
Uminoie: Folk style bar and grill. Izakaya.
Fukkenrou: Chinese restaurant.
Toritoku: Yakitori Izakaya.
Hamaran: Japanese style grill Izakaya.
Hinoki: Izakaya.
Stray Sheep: Bar.
Tasuku: Udon and Izakaya.
Shichirin: Izakaya and BBQ.
Dejikonju: Korean Restaurant.
Tairyoumaru: Tuna special restaurant.
Buggy: Cafe&Dinning.
Marugen: Seafood restaurant.

Hamaichi: Fish market.
Oisho: Seaweed store.
Uofuku: Fish market.
Miyakawa store: Vegetable.
Kanimonogatari: Snow Crab store.
Riasunokunikara: Seafood product and gift shop.

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