Kesennuma restoration mall

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The restoration shopping mall of Kesennuma (気仙沼復興商店街) is the largest prefab shopping mall after Tsunami located in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture. There are 7 buildings and 52 stores in this mall. It is the restored shopping district of Minami Town Murasaki market place which was completely destroyed by Tsunami in March 2011. As the symbol of "ReBorn Kesennuma," not only this shopping mall support the life of Kesennuma, but also it encourages all afflicted people in Tohoku.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
It is complete shopping mall for all kinds of daily supplies, food, groceries, restaurants and bars.

This mall has been closed but for the memory of the restoration, we keep this video.

0. at Kesennuma Station.
1. walk east (15 min.)

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Kesennuma restoration mall

The List of the stores:

Restaurants and Bars
Asahizushi: Sushi-bar.
American Darts Bar: Bar.
Marukin: Izakaya.
Ichifuku: Izakaya.
n: Pub.
Cafe eil: Cafe.
Capricorn: Bar and grill.
Mambo: Restaurant.
K: Pub.
Freedom: Cafe.
Steel Heart: Pub.
Tokyu-Zushi: Sushi-bar.
Tonkatsu Katsuko: Restaurant.
Maruan: Yakitori bar.
Hope: Pub.
Yakiniku Gyubei: Restaurant.

Fresh stores
Kameyama Meat: BBQ restaurant and meatpacking.
Tsukamoto Shoten: Fruits store.
Kanechichi Fish: Fish market.
Fujiya Tofu: Tofu shop.
Maruiri: Fish market.

Food Store
Agetate Croquette: Fired food store.
Saito: Japanese and western sweets shop.
Himawari: Seafood shop.

Other stores
Kurashisya Mugi: Fork and dishes.
Sharks: Shark shop.
Sugawara Inbo: Print and stamp shop.
Tinker-bell: Apparel and grocery.
Niigataya Hamono: Knife and metals.
Hanahisa: Flower shops.
Honmayashuten: Liquor and Tobacco.
Minamimachi Aozoraichi: Apparel and grocery.
Yorozuya Mercy: Clothing.
Randerblue: Apparel and grocery.
Risosangyo: EM related and natural food.
Midorimusen: Electrical store.

Ash Head Onotora: Barber.
Omoinohiroba Genki: Massage.
Natsu perma: Beauty salon.
Hair Salon Komatsu: Barber.
Hoshi Biyoushitu: Beauty salon.
Minamimachi yakkyoku: Drug store.
La Seine biyoushitsu: Beauty salon.

Cadocco: Recreation space for kids.
Minamimachi Doremikyoshitu: Piano School.
Craftroom Nakano: Culture school.
School Borainzu: Private kids' school.

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