Yokosuka and Miura Travel Guide

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Sightseeing Guide:

Yokosuka and Miura is located in Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture. It lies south of Yokohama and Tokyo and divides Tokyo Bay, to the east, from Sagami Bay, to the west. Cities and towns on the Miura Peninsula include Yokosuka, Miura, Hayama, Zushi, and Kamakura. In Miura Penisula, even it is located very close to Tokyo, there are many nature with great view of Tokyo and Sagami Bay. However, because the US navy base is located in Yokosuka, this are is also well developed as modern city. There are many ports where you can have great seafood. Also, Miura Penisula have many historically important sport from the Kamakura Period to End of Edo Period.

Access to Yokosuka and Miura

By Car

Use Shuto Express Way to Yokohama. Change to Yokoyoko Line. Exit at Yokosuka Inter mae. Drive to Yokosuka.

By Train

Use JR Yokosuka Line to Yokosuka Station.

Yabusame at Zushi beach

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