Cape Kannon

Travel Information

Cape Kannon (観音崎, kannonzaki) is located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa. Entire cape is a national park, and it has many historical ruins and monuments. This cape was a fort with several batteries in the end of Edo Period. Because Cape Kannon is located the entrance of Tokyo Bay, this fort was very important for protecting Edo. Those ruins of the fort are still well preserved.
Also, this cape was the first place where Godzilla stepped in Japanese land.

Tourist Info.
There is lighthouse which you can get up and have a great view of Tokyo Bay. Many people visit here for BBQ and fishing. There is parking space.
0. at Yokosuka Station
1. walk south to Itsumi Station (10 min.)
2. use Keikyu Line to Uraga (16 min.)
3. use Keikyu Bus to Kannonzaki


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Map around Cape Kannon

Detailed Travel Guide

Cape Kannon

Cape Kannon is the first place where the western style lighthouse was placed. Current one is the 3rd one, and to get up the lighthouse for 200 yen to see great view of Tokyo Bay. In the park which is the entire cape, there are visitors center, restrooms and many hiking courses. Many ruins are still well preserved.

On the beach side, there is many place you can enjoy BBQ. So, many people visit this cape to enjoy great family activities. There are also Yokosuka museum, and kids park.