Misaki Port

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Misaki Port (三崎港) is a port town located in Miura peninsula, Kanagawa prefecture. It is a town of Tuna. There are many Tuna stores and fish market that serve the fresh seafood that unloaded at Misaki port. Of course there are many Tuna restaurants as well. Because it is located with 2 hours from Tokyo, Misaki port is very popular tourist spot in Kanagawa.

Tourist Info.
There is public parking.
Use Urari's restroom.

0. at Kurihama Station.
1. use Keikyu Line to Misakiguchi.
2. use local bus to Misakiko.

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Map around Misaki Port

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Misaki Port

Misaki is one of the port town located in Miura peninsula. It is one of the large Tuna unloading port in Japan. Therefore, there are many Tuna related stores and fish market.

This huge market is called Urari. There many local fishers and farmers open direct stores in this place.

Kainan Shrine
This is Kainan Shrine. It was established in 982. The ceremony of this shrine called Chakirako is designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is held in January 15.

Chakkirako Showa Folk Museum
This is folk museum called Chakkirako Misaki Showakan. It displays the costume of Chakkirako and house of showa era.