Mino and Gujo Travel Guide

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Sightseeing Guide:

Mino and Gujo are located the center of Gifu prefecture. Both city has great traditional residence with many Edo style houses. Mino developed as the city of Washi paper. The merchants of Mino was very powerful, so they built the excellent houses in Edo period. Those houses are still remains in Mino and offers travelers great time traveling. Gujo is a castle town which still preserves great view of Edo period. Gujo is also very famous for its Dance. Gujo Odori dance very popular Bon Odori in Japan.

Access to Mino and Gujo

By Car

Use Tokai-Hokuriku Express Way. Exit at Mino.

By Train

Use JR Chuo Line to Tajimi Station. Change to JR Ota Line to Mino-Ota Station. Change to Nagaragawa Line to Mino Station.

Hana-Mikoshi in Mino

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