Hana-Mikoshi in Mino

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Hana-Mikoshi (花みこし) is one of the exciting Mikoshi Matsuri happens at Mino, Gifu prefecture. In the middle of April, about 30 Hana-Mikoshi dance and travel all over the town of Mino. Hana-Mikoshi is a Mikoshi with Huge paper flowers which made from Mino washi paper. It just looks like a huge Sakura on the top of Mikoshi. The dance of those gorgeous Mikoshi are very energetic and powerful. Feel and enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

Tourist Info.
Date of the festival: 2nd Saturday of April.
Time: parade starts at 9:00 at Hachiman Shrine.
Travel to the Mino historical district.
Soneri at Hirooka crossing.

0. at Mino city.
1. walk to north (15 min.)


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Hana-Mikoshi in Mino

Hana-Mikoshi is a part of Mino Matsuri. Mino-Matsuri contains Hana-Mikoshi, Nagashi Niwaka, and Yama-Nerimono.

The origin of Mino Matsuri started in Edo period as the intercession for rain.

In 1900, the first Hana-Mikoshi made by young men's association. In the early Showa period, they decided to make a special Mikoshi made from their local products, Minowashi. Then, the current style of Hana-Mikoshi was created.

There are about 30 Hana-Mikoshi from all towns of Mino. They travel from Hachina Shrine to all the towns of Mino.

At Hirooka Crossing, there is "Soneri" performance. Soneri is a Mikoshi dance performance. 3 Hana-Mikoshi gather at small spots and perform widely and aggressively.

There are about 100,000 Washi flowers on the top of Mikoshi. Those flowers are attached on a bamboo brunches. Eahc Mikoshi has about 300 bamboo brunches.

Note: No smoking near Mikoshi. Soneri is very dangerous performance. So, be careful.