Nakatsugawa Travel Guide

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Sightseeing Guide:

Nakatsugawa is eastern side of Gifu Prefecture. It is also called Ura-Kiso and has beautiful nature with Kiso River and beautiful mountains. Ena Valley is one of the popular tourist spot in this area. This area is located on Nakasendo road, and Magomejuku, one of the post towns, is remains and reconstructed with old style buildings. This area is one of the hottest area in Japan. This area is also famous for it ceramic. Over 50% of ceramic wares called Minoyaki are produced in Toki city, Tajimi city and Mizunami city.

Access to Nakatsugawa

By Car

Use Chuo Express Way. Exit at Nakatsugawa.

By Train

Use Jr Chuo Line to Nakatsugawa Station.

Magome Juku

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