Edo Style Town

Would you like to know what was the castle town during the Edo Period? There are many towns which preserved many classic style of houses since Edo Period. If you are interested in Edo Style houses or towns, and want to feel like walking at Edo Town, check out those towns covered by MustLoveJapan. They gives you the great images of life of Edo Period.



Kawagoe (川越) is also known as little Edo “Koedo.” About 6 million travelers visit Kawagoe, and one of the biggest travel spot in Saitama. This city has developed as the important defense line to protect Edo city, and also developed very similar town of Edo. Moreover, because many classic houses which survived from big fire in 1893, people still use those classic houses for restaurants and any other kinds of shops. This street is called “Kurazukuri.” Therefore, the town still looks like little Edo. Also, There are many historical temple like Kitain Temple.

Tourist Info.
At Kurazukuri Street, there is Jinrikisha service for tourist.

0. at Kawagoe Station.
1. walk north (5 min.)