Preserved Area with Traditional Houses

Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings is the category of the protection of groups of traditional houses and buildings for preserving the historical and traditional scenery and cultural properties. The designated area can be, castle towns, post towns, merchant quarters, mining towns, or any local villages. Those classified towns offers the extremely worth for sightseeing the old time Japan.



Kawagoe (川越) is also known as little Edo “Koedo.” About 6 million travelers visit Kawagoe, and one of the biggest travel spot in Saitama. This city has developed as the important defense line to protect Edo city, and also developed very similar town of Edo. Moreover, because many classic houses which survived from big fire in 1893, people still use those classic houses for restaurants and any other kinds of shops. This street is called “Kurazukuri.” Therefore, the town still looks like little Edo. Also, There are many historical temple like Kitain Temple.

Tourist Info.
At Kurazukuri Street, there is Jinrikisha service for tourist.

0. at Kawagoe Station.
1. walk north (5 min.)