Kanazawa (金沢) is one of the most popular travel desitination in Japan. It is a capital of Ishikawa prefecture and known as Little Kyoto of Hokuriku. Kanazawa has the castle and its castle town. The layout of the castle town was not destroyed by modernization. The street, canal and houses of Samurai residence are remains exactly the same as it used to be. Kanazawa Castle, which is the main feature of Kanazawa besides Kenrokuen Garden, was restored in 2001. There are 3 major tea house towns that has many traditional houses that has fantastic scenery.

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0. at Kanazawa Station.
There are circling bus that visit most of the travel spots.


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Kanazawa Castle is the main feature of Kanazawa. It was built in 1583 by Maeda Toshiie one of the Sengoku Heros. During Edo period, Kanazawa Castle was the residence of Maeda clan, the lord of Kaga Domain. The great keeps, walls and gates are reconstructed in 2001. Most of the stone walls remain in the original structures, and Ishikawa mon Gate is one of remaining building which built in 1788. There was a university on the castle for long time, but they are moved to other place in 1995 and entire area of the castle was restored as the castle and its garden.

Kenrokuen Garden is the most famous spot in Kanazawa. It is Japanese style garden which built in 1676 by Maeda Tsunenori, the 5th lord of Kaga domain. It is a strolling-style landscape garden with the characteristics of a typical landscape garden of Edo Period. It was the garden for Daimyo and, in 1874, Kenrokuen Garden was opened to the public. The garden was designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty in 1922. It is popular for its pine forest and pond. Because Kanazawa gets heavy snow in winter, Yuki-zuri, the snow-protection by hanging branches with bamboo, is popular beauty of this garden in winter.

Higashi Chaya Town is the largest Tea House Town of Kanazawa. There are many traditional houses, creating fantastic Edo period scenery. You are going to feel like you are walking through ancient Japan. This town is also registered as a Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Those houses are still in use as tea houses, shops and restaurants.

Kazuemachi Chaya Town is one of Kyoto Style town in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. There are 3 tea house towns in Kanazawa, and this town is one of them. It is located next to Asano river. It has very classic scenery and less well known. This town is also registered as a scenic preservation area with traditional houses.

Teramachi Temple Town, or Teramachidai, is one of peopler spots in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. There are many temples in this area that creates the walk of Kyoto style town. It is a very quiet town with many beautiful temples. It was form from 1596 to 1681. Those many temples still have the look of Edo period. Therefore, you can enjoy walking through the old time in Japan.

Nishi Chaya Town is one of Kyoto Style Town located in Western Kanazawa. On the main street, there are many traditional looking buildings. In this town you have a lot of opportunities to meet Geisya.