Gifu 各地旅遊



Gifu is the capital of Gifu prefecture. It is located not only in the center of the prefecture, but also center of Japan. Mino was the old name of this area, and many legendary Daimyo, such as Oda Nobunaga started their career from this area. Therefore, there are many ruins of Sengoku period in this area. Gifu Castle is one of those and many feature of Gifu. The battle of Sekigahara took place around this area. Around Gifu station is well developed with a huge shopping district. Japanese persimmon and carrot are main products in agriculture of this area.

交通动线 Gifu

By Car

Use Nagoya Express Way 16 to Gifu.

By Train

Use JR Tokaido Line to Gifu Station.

The battle of Sekigahara

地区分怖 Gifu