地区分怖 : Niigata

旅游信息: Niigata

Niigata (新潟) Prefecture is located on the side of Sea of Japan. Niigata is categorized in Chubu Region but northern part of the prefecture is reached middle of Tohoku Region. Niigata is world-widely known as the snow spot. In winter, Niigata gets heavy snow, therefore there are many sky resorts in Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is also known as its rice. The famous rice brand, "Koshihikari of Uonuma," is considered as No.1 Rice in Japan. Because all the west side of Niigata is facing sea, it offers great sea products as well, such as Sashimi and Sushi. There are about 5,000 shrines in Niigata which is the largest number in Japan.