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Necktie made from Kimono Fabric called Nishijin Fabric.

Stylish Necktie made from Kinran!

MLJ brings the new stylish design for Necktie. It's a necktie made from Kimono Fabric. There are millions of textures in Kimono Fabric and MLJ picks up some of the beautiful fabric that is called Kinran. Kinran is a beautiful fabric with beautiful design made from golden and other colored thread.

Kinran was used to be the most gorgeous fabric since Kamakura period. MLJ uses Kinran of Japanese traditional dolls because of its large variety of textures. Unlike Kimono for a person, Kinran for dolls still use the traditional art and design that match perfectly for necktie.

Note: Kimono Fabric Necktie is very thick comparing to standered necktie becuase of its rich woven texture.

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Kinran Fabric

Kinran is a traditional fabric made from gold colored thread. The art of its texture is gorgeous. Kinran was imported in Kamakura period (12th to 14th century) from China. It was mostly used for Buddhist priest's stoles and decorations of drawing or scrolls. Since then, Kinran has been used for Kakejiku scrolls, Japanese traditional dolls and a canonical robe.

Kimono for the Japanese style wedding uses Kinran because it is considered as the most luxurious art for Kimono.

Kimono Fabric Necktie

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