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Sakai is the 2nd biggest city in Osaka. It faces to Osaka bay. In the middle ages, it developed as the port town and known as Asian Venice. During Sengoku period, the city was surrounded by moat and ruled by Sakai merchants. The tea master, Sen no Rikyu was born and grown at Sakai merchant family. Sakai is also famous for its knife that is the favorite for all Japanese cooks. In the center of Sakai, there is Emperor Nintoku Kofun, that is the world biggest mausoleum in the world. Also, there are many giants Kofun in Sakai.

Akses Sakai

By Car

Use Hanshin Express Way 15. Exit at Sakai.

By Train

Use Midosuji Line to Doubutukouenmae Station. Change Nankai Koya Line at Shinimamiya Station to Sakaihigashi Station.

Emperor Nintoku Kofun

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