Video Production

Video Production

What is MLJ Video Contents?

MLJ Video contents features various faces of Japan to represent all foreign travelers so that they can have great visual images of all spots from famous to unique spots and materials in Japan. Video contents introduce the all kinds of information such as, travel spots, local areas, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, services, nature, parks, historical monuments, facilities, amusements, theaters, schools, arts, events, festival, traditional activities, general activities, foods, drink, productions, manufactures, music, dance, traditional manner, general rule, how to, easy Japanese tips, and any other Japanese materials. All video contents are related with the google maps to find out the location and easy to find any other video feature nearby. Video will have the representer to actually experience the spots, and give the real voice so that travelers will have the real visual images and voice of Japan which could never get from txt based guide like guide book or web site.

The categories
  • City Town Local: Introducing traveling spots, summary of the area, and general information which including history and any other unique feature of the spots.
  • Restaurant Hotel Shop: Introducing restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, and any other services and facilities.
  • Nature Park: Introducing National Park, Mountain like Mt. Fuji, Lakes, rivers, water falls and any other nature monument. In this category, there could be no representer in the video contents.
  • Temples Shrines: Introducing temples, shrines and any other historical monuments. In this category, there could be no representer in the video contents.
  • Museum Amusement: Introducing museum, gallery and amusement.
  • Events Activities: Introducing any events like fireworks, summer festival, spring flower festival, and any other events. In this category, there could be no representer in the video contents.
  • Experience: Introducing art schools, lessons, activities, lecture, dance, sports, play, music.
  • How To: Short video lecture which give you tips to make your trip easier and greater.

How to contribute your Video

MLJ is always looking for your own feature video. Please send us your memories of Japan. Be a representer to feature your favorite spot by yourself.


  • Sign-up with MLJ membership.
  • Edit your video 1 to 5 minutes long. Make up the lower 3rd to introduce the representer's name. Put the all the persons name at the end credits.
  • Fill up the all documents such as release form of all persons in the video, location permit, and music permit.
  • Encode your video FLV file or mp4 format update from the upload. (make sure the file size must be less than 6 mb. Aspect ratio must be 320 x 240.)
  • Once we approve your video, send us original mov file or avi file, and all the document with CD or DVD.
  • Also, give us some travelog and pictures of the spot.
  • Whenever we receive your file, documents and travelogs, we will update your video on MLJ.

Note when you make a interesting feature video:

  1. At the end of the video MUST SAY "Must love (name of your feature)" and put some closing sentence.
  2. Please make it interesting with some kind of unique feature. Comments a lot of feed back and your impression.
  3. Involve as many people as possible, and talk many local Japanese when you feature.
  4. Make up nice balance between wide-shot and close-up.
  5. Be steady and use a tripod if it's possible.
  6. When you shoot the video, try not to shoot the camera while you are walking. Avoid walking shot as less as you can in your feature video.
  7. Watch the audio level and when you mix with background music, be careful the music level.

For more information:

We are looking forward to see your video on MLJ.