Emperor Nintoku Kofun

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Emperor Nintoku Kofun (仁徳天皇陵) is one of Kofun, the Emperor's Mausoleum, located in Sakai, Osaka. It is front square back circle Kofun with moats and its size is 2,718m of perimeter, 656m east-to-west, 793m north-to-south, and 35m high. It is the biggest mausoleum in the world. Because of its huge size, it is also called Daisen Ryo. The official name is "Mozunomimiharanonakanomisasagi." People in Sakai call this Kofun, "Goryo" with full of respect. You cannot enter inside of Kofun, but there is worship place on the top of Kofun.

Tourist Info.
DONOT enter inside of Kofun.
There is restroom and parking.

0. at Sakaishi Station.
1. use Hanwa Line to Mozu.
2. walk west (5min.)


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Emperor Nintoku Kofun

Type: Front Circle Back Circle with 3 layers of moats.
Size: 2,718m of perimeter, 656m east-to-west, 793m north-to-south, and 35m high.
Built in: early to mid 5th century.
Person buried: Emperor Nintoku

The Nintoku Kofun, also know as Daisenryo Kofun, is the largest mausoleum in the world. Legend said, over 1,000 people worked to build this Kofun and it took them 4 years to finish.

In Japanese myth, Emperor Nintoku traveled at this place, and decided this place as his resting place. When the construction began, one deer walked into people and died. People checked out the deer, Mozu bird came out from deer's ear. Mozu bird ate the ear. Later, they named this place Mozu mimihara, ear field of Mozu.

The hill of tomb has 3 steps. The diameter of the back circle where the emperor was buried is 245m and 35m tall. Size of front square is 305m and 33m tall. It is surround by the 3 layers of moats.

There is a pray field for worshiping where you can see the tomb and first moat.