Myokokuji Temple

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Myokokuji Temple (妙國寺) is one of Nichiren Buddhism Temple located in Osaka. It was established in 1562 by Priest Nichikou. Its garden is the only Japanese Karesansui Style Garden with Cycad. There is a grave of 11 Tosa Samurai who did seppuku in 1868.

Visitor's Info.
Admission: 400 yen for adult, 200 for under junior high.
Open: 10:00 to 16:00.
Need an appointment for a group over 15.

0. at Sakai Station.
1. walk north west (10 min.)


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Myokokuji Temple

Style: Nichiren Buddhism.
Established in: 1562 by Priest Nichikou.

Myokokuji was established in 1562 by Priest Nichikou. In the temple, there are many beautiful cycads including Dai Sotetsu, 1,100 year-old cycad. It's garden is "Karesansui" Style, that use no water, and designed with rocks and stones. The garden of Myokokuji is the only garden with cycad in Japan.

Also, 11 Today Samura did seppuku at this temple. In 1868, they kill French soldiers when they invaded Sakai. 100 of French Soldiers are illegally walked into Sakai and used violence on people especially women. 20 of Tosa Samurai were ordered to commit Seppuku, but French people couldn't stand to watch Seppuku, and they stopped Seppuku at 12th Samurai. Those great Samurai commit Seppuku for protecting their right.

Great Sotetsu, 1100 years old cycad and its Nobunaga legend.
The legend said, when Oda Nobunaga built Azuchi Castle, he removed this Cycad to Azuchi Castle. However, this cycad cried every night and tell that she wanted go back to Myokokuji. Nobunaga got upset and ordered to cut this cycad. When he cut this cycad, the blood splashed out of the tree. Nobunaga finally gave up this cycad, and retuned it to Myokokuji.