Sakai Yamaguchi House

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Sakai Yamaguchi House (堺山口家住宅) is one of the remaining Sakai merchant house in Sakai, Osaka. The building was constructed in 1615 right after the siege of Osaka. It is registered as national important cultural asset. It represents the life of Sakai merchant during Edo period.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. There is restroom.
Admission: 200 yen. There is group discount from 20 person. Free for under junior and over 65.
Closed: Tueseday.

0. at Sakai Higashi Station.
1. walk north.


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Sakai Yamaguchi House

Yamaguchi House was built in 1615 right after the siege of Osaka. It is one of few merchant houses that remains from early Edo period. The first constructions that Doma, Agaridoma and three rooms are registered as the national important cultural asset. Especially, room of Doma has great crossbeams. Rest of the houses were mostly constructed in 1770's. The unique feature of Sakai merchant house is the tea room. Unlike others, most of Sakai's houses had tea room.

The garden of this house is "Karesansui" style. It's a no water style designed with rock and sand. There are Hazenoki trees that are similar phenomenon of Koyo in Autumn. In Sakai, because of its warm weather, they don't have Koyo in Autumn. So, most people plant Hazenoki for imitating Koyo.