Field Mustard, Rape Blossom, Spots

Field Mustard or Rape Blossom (菜の花, nanohana) is one of the Winter flowers in Japan. It has beautiful yellow flowers and light green stalks. Most of the Field Mustard spots in Japan has also a beautiful scenery and combined with other beautiful flowers such as Sakura.

Kawazu CherryBlossom Festival

Travel Information

The Kawazu cherry blossoms(河津桜, kawazu zakura) bloom from early February through early March, for about a month. The Kawazu cherry trees have the characteristic of large pink flowers. The rows of the chery trees, “Kawazu-zakura Namiki,” continue along the Kawazu River for about three kilometers, starting from the river mouth near the Kawazu Station to Mine Onsen. You will enjoy great pink flowers of Kawazu zakura for both side of Kawazu river.

Tourist Info.
There are many parking and food stands.

0. at Atami Station
1. use JR Ito line to Kawazu Station (1 hr. 16 min.)
2. walk north (10 min.)

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