Shima Onsen Travel Guide

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Sightseeing Guide:

Shima Onsen (四万温泉) is one of Onsen resorts located northern Gunma prefecture. There are 43 Onsen springs in Shima. One of the unique feature of Onsen water of Shima is that you can drink this Onsen Water. Shima Onsen is surrounded by beautiful mountains with many excellent waterfalls. Onsen Town preserved the look of early Showa taste with classic Onsen Entertainments. In falls, the mountains of Shima Onsen colored with autumn leaves, and in winter, you can enjoy snow.

Access to Shima Onsen

By Car

Use Kanetsu Express Way to north. Exit at Shibukawa-Ikaho. Drive 354 to Shimaonsen.

By Train

Use JR Ueno-Tokyo Line to Shinmaebashi Station. Change to JR Joetsu Line to Shibukawa Station. Change JR Agatsuma Line to Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi. Use Local bus to Shimaonsen.

Shima Onsen

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