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Kashiwaya Ryokan (柏屋旅館) is a traditional Japanese style Onsen Hotel located in Shima Onsen. Kashiwaya offers three outside Onsen which you can use them privately. All guest rooms are Tatami rooms which give you the opportunity to stay in true Japanese Style Hotels (restroom are western style). Their plan offers two sets of meals, a breakfast and a dinner. At the dinner, you can enjoy fresh local and seasonable food. You can check in early and check out later so that you can enjoy Onsen for a long time.

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Shima Onsen is one of the most famous Onsen In Japan. It is one of the oldest Onsen town, as well. Shima Onsen Offers beautiful nature and excellent waterfalls. Each season has great aspects, such as green leaves, autumn leaves, and snow.

Approximately 3 hours from Tokyo Station.
There is a direct bus at Tokyo Station, too.


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Kashiwaya Ryokan

Shima Onsen is one of the most famous Onsen in Japan. The reason for this is it's relaxing atmosphere, it's relaxing bathes, and it's surrounding countryside.

Kashiwaya Ryokan has three types of outdoor Onsen bathes as well as one indoor bath, and a private bath for chartered use.

All of our Japanese style Tatami rooms are kept clean, and while staying here you can be served Japanese food. Surrounded by trees and mountains, Kashiwaya Ryokan is the perfect place to let your hair down and forget about the stresses of daily life.

While staying at Kashiwaya Ryokan you can enjoy staying and bathing in a traditional Japanese Onsen atmosphere.

Private Outside Onsens
Kashiwaya has 100% pure Onsen water.
There are three different kinds of out side Onsen in Kashiwaya. They are all free and you can use them as many as possible (those Onsen are shared with all visitors. So, please finish using Onsen within 30 min.) In winter, you can't use showers.

They open from 2pm to 1am, and 5am to 11am.

Tsuki no yu: Traditional Style Bath.
Sakura no yu: Western Style Bath.
Kaede no yu: Stone made Bath.

Large Indoor Shared Onsen
There is also a large indoor shared Onsen.

Official Web Site for booking: All Japan Area