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Nagasaki city (長崎) is the capital of Nagasaki, Prefecture. It was used to be the international trading town during Edo Period. Therefore, there are many outside cultures mixed in Japanese culture in Nagasaki. There are many western style houses and Christian Churches that were constructed in early 20th century. You can enjoy the harmony of Samurai Town and Western Arts. There is also large china town as well. The night view of Nagasaki is one of the 3 best night views in Japan.
This city is only 2 places in the world that was dropped Atomic bomb in the history of mankind.

Access to Nagasaki city

By Car

Use Kyusyu Express Way to south. Change Nagasaki Express way. Exit at Nagasaki.

By Train

Use JR Kagoshima Line to Tosu Station. Change JR Nagasaki Line to Nagasaki Station.

Oura Christian Church

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