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Sightseeing Guide:

Asuka (飛鳥) is the birthplace of the country of Japan. It is located the center of Nara prefecture. There are hundreds of Kofun, ruins of imperial palace, temple and mausoleums. The first emperor of Japan became the emperor at this place and many of the important historical evens happened at this place. This is the oldest imperial palace of Japanese Empire, and history of Japan began at this place. There are many historical relics from 4th to 7th century. Also, the first temple in Japan, Asuka Temple, is in this area.

Access to Asuka

By Car

Use Hanwa Express Way. Change to Mimani Hanna Express Way to Katsuragi.

By Train

Use Midosuji Line to Tennoji station. At Osaka Abenobashi Station, Use Kintetsu Tokkyu Line to Kashiharajingumae Station.

Takatori Castle

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