Asakusa Tour

Asakusa is the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo. Its tourism has been very famous since Edo period. The main feature of Asakusa is Sensoji temple. It is the oldest temple in Tokyo established in 628. It became very popular when Edo opened its government. The entire town around the temple had been developed for worshipers since then. Today, over 30 million people worship this temple.

Tour Starts at Sensoji Station of Ginza Line or Asakusa Line. Walk west to Kaminari mon Gate. Kaminari mon is the main entrance of Sensoji Temple. It has a huge lantern that is almost the symbol of Asakusa. Between Kaminari mon Gate to the temple, there is Nakamise Street. Nakamise street has many souvenir shops and food stands on the both sides. It has all kinds of Tokyo souvenirs. Also, Fried Manju is the popular sweets in Nakamise Street.

At the end of Nakamise Street, there is a giant gate, 5 stories pagoda and a huge main hall. Sensoji holds many interesting Matsuri and events (Events listed below), especially Sanja Matsuri, that happens in 3rd weekend of May, considered as the biggest Mikoshi Matsuri in Tokyo.

After worshipping at Sensoji, walk west to Nishisando. Nishisando is the west entrance of Sensoji. It is an arcade shopping street with many Samurai and Ninja costume stores, Samura movie property shop and Kimono (Japanese clothing) stores. It is also great shopping spot for Japanese taste souvenirs.

Then walk west to Kappabashi. Kappabashi is a wholesale district for Japanese kitchen supplies, and everything that Japanese restaurants need. The great souvenir of Kappabashi is a fake food. A fake food is one of the most popular item in Japan. It will be great gift to yourself or friends.

The tour is finish here, and you can walk west to Ueno Station, or back to east to visit Sky Tree.

Sensoji is very famous, but there are many great shops, especially for shopping, that you don't want to miss.

If you visit the same season of each Matsuri or even, try join them.

Sanja Matsuri : 3rd weekend of May. The most famous Mikoshi Matsuri in Tokyo.
Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri : A week around July 7. Local Festival with many food stand and Tanabata decoration.
Hozuki Market : July 9 & 10. It's market of Hozuki. Hozuki is a dried winter cherry and one of decoration for Obon.
Sumida River Fireworks : Late July. The biggest fireworks in Tokyo.
Asakusa Samba Carnival : Late weekend of August. The most famous Samba Carnival in Japan.
Kiku Flower Festival : Middle of Oct. to middle of Nov. It's a exhibition of Chrysanthemum.
Hagoita Market : Dec. 17 to 19. Hagoita is one of traditional craft works. It is a traditional toy with doll in wooden board.

Asakusa Summarized


Asakusa (淺草) is the most popular tourist spot in Tokyo. The history of Asakusa as the tourist spot began even before the Edo period. The town was developed as Monzen Town of the Senso-ji Temple. During the Edo period, because of Sankin Kotai which made all Daimo, the land-master, have to visit and stay certain amount of time in Edo, Asakusa became major spot in Edo. Today, still many people visit Asakusa.

Tourist Info.
Nakamise Shopping district has many gift shops.

0. at Ueno Station
1. use Ginza Line to Asakusa (10 min.)