地區分怖 : Akita

旅遊信息: Akita

Akita prefecture is one of Tohoku region. West side of Aikita is facing Sea of Japan. Akita is one of the major rice producing land, as well as Sake. Other popular foods are Akita-Kiritanpo, Inaniwa Udon and Yokote Yakisoba. Eastern Akita is mostly mountains. Therefore, it has great nature for hiking and trekking . Lake Tazawa and Lake Towada are famous nature spots in Aikita. Both of them are deepest lakes in japan. Because of their depth, the color of water have beautiful graduation from light green to dark blue. Shirakami-sanchi that is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located on the northern prefecture. The entire Akita is a heavy snow district. It has a very heavy snow.