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Hagoitaichi (羽子板市) is a Hagoita Market held at Sensoji temple. From December 17 to 19, there are many Hagoita shops open at Sensoji and sale their unique Hagoita. Hagoita is one of the famous play during New Year's break in Japan. Hagoita is a racket for Hanetsuki, Japanese Badminton. In this market, they sale decorated Hagoita. It's Omarori for child grow, especially for daughter. Many people visit Sensoji for buy their special Hagoita.

Tourist Info.
Perid: December 17 18 19.

0. at Ueno Station.
1. use Ginza Line to Asakusa (10 min.)
2. walk north

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Sensoji Hagoitaichi

There is a memorial service for Hagoita at Sensoji temple.
It was used to be Omamori market held at the end of the year. It was called "Toshi no ichi, the market of the year." Today, they sale only Hagoita for Omamori.

Hagoita was Omamori for daughter because the feather of Hanetsuki, the badminton, looks like dragonfly which eat bugs. It represent keep the bad guy away from her. Also, the seed of the feather meant for keeps evil away and bring happiness. Therefore, it was very common to give Hagoita when people have daughter during Edo period.

Later, Hagoita became Omamori and one of the main products at Toshi no Ichi.