Mikoshi Matsuri in Kanto

Mikoshi is one of the unique feature of Matsuri. It is portable shrine which carried by people during the festival. "Wassyoi" and "Saiya" are their call-out. It's started at Nara over 1,000 years ago, and now it is very important for making great connection and relationship of all Japanese towns.

Sanja Maturi


Sanja Maturi (三社祭) is one of the most famous Mikoshi Festival in Japan. Sanja Matsuri is held in 3rd weekend of May at Asakusa Shrine and Sensoji Temple. It is three days festival and at the last day, all the towns of Asakusa carry the Miya Mikoshi, the mikoshi of the shrine by relay from one town to other town.

Tourist Info.
There are many food stands open at Sensoji Temple. Street will be packed by many people.

0. at Ueno Station.
1. use Ginza Line to Asakusa
2. walk west.