Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri


Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri (深川八幡祭り) is Mikoshi Matsuri at Fukagawa. It happens around August 15. This Mikoshi Matsuri is considered as the three major Edo Matsuri. In every 3 years, about 120 Mikoshi travel their town. On the weekend, 54 Mikoshi travel all over the towns of Fukagawa. It is also known as "Mizukake Matsuri." It means splashing water. When Mikoshi goes by, people splash water to Mikoshi and its carriers.

Tourist Info.
It happens around August 15.
The Eidai Street will be closed during the Mikoshi parade.

0. at Otemachi Station.
1. use Tozai Line to Monzennakamachi.


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周围的地图 Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri


Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri

"Wassyoi, wassyoi" is their call.

This Matsuri is held under Tomioka Hacihman Shrine of Fukagawa. It was established in 1627. It was highly respected by people of Edo. Today, people still show their respect to this shrine.

In August 15, there is a Reitaisai. Reitaisai is the Matsuri of the shrine. There are a ceremony of Shinto. Miko will dance and serve to the god.