Let's visit the birth place of Japanese Empire.

Kashihara Jingu

Japan has is the longest single dynasty in the world. Asuka is located in the middle of Nara Prefecture. This place is the birth place of Japanese Empire. Kashihara Jingu Shrine is where the first Emperor of Japan, Emperor Jinmu enthroned himself as the Emperor of Japan. Today, there is a large shrine and behind the shrine, there is Kofun, Japanese the mausoleum, of him is located. So, this place is the brith place of the history of Japan.

Asuka Temple

Asuka is located just south of Kashihara. This was used to be the imperial palace for 40th Emperor Tenmu. Around his era, the record of Japanese history becomes clear because he edited Kojiki and Nihonshoki that are the oldest records of Japan. In Asuka, there are many ruins of palace and Kofuns that tells the history of Japan in 7th century. Also, Asuka Temple that is the oldest temple that established by Prince Shotoku.


Kofun is the Japanese style Mausoleum. In Asuka, there are many Kofun including the Emperor Tenmu. This Kofun is the only historically proofed Kofun that built before 7th century for the emperor. Ishibutai is the most famous Kofun that is actually not for the emperor but strong family, Soga clan. Not only Kofun, but there are also many stone monuments that built in 7th century.

Asuka was the center of Japan before 7th century and there are many historic sites that are still remains and tell the history of ancient Japan. You can travel them with bicycles.