Visit the Sacred Place of Japanese Buddhism


Mt.Koya, is one of the top Shingon Buddhist Sacred Place and most holy city in Japan. Shingon Mikkyou, secret religious transmissions, is Esoteric Buddhist teachings and Koyasan is the sacred practice place established by Priest Kukai, Kobodaishi in 816. Mt.Koya is basin that is 820m high from the sea level. The basin of Koyasan is surrounded by 8 mountains. This represents the flower of lotus that is the symbol of the spiritual enlightenment. So, this sacred place of Shingon Buddhism has kept the all the traditon and spritual teach for over 1,200 years since Priest Kukai.


Kongobuji is the top temple of Shingon Buddhism. It was used to be the name of entire Mt.Koya. The current building was used to be Seiganji temple, but in eary Meiji era, Seiganji and Kouzanji marged and changed its name to Kongobuji as the head of all Koyasan Shingon Buddhism. The current building was constructed in 1863.


Okunoin is the most important and sacred place in Koyasan. Since 835, the founder of Mt.Koya, Priest Kukai taking eternal meditation in this place. People believe that behind the room of the temple, Priest Kukai is still alive and practicing meditation. There are many graves of famous Sengoku Daimyo in this pass. Mt.Koya is one of the most sacred place in Japan and holy spot for all Shingon Buddhism. This religious city has been kept the tradition and retuals for over 1,200 years. There is Japanese history here.