Shiraito Waterfall

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Shiraito Waterfall (白糸の滝, shiraitonotaki) is in Shizuoka prefecture, located west side of Mt.Fuji. Shiraito Waterfall is about 60ft. height and 600ft. width. There are hundreds of small waterfalls and each of them look like a silk line. Shiraito means Silk thread. Water is coming from the ice of Mt. Fuji. In 1936, this waterfall is chosen a natural monument, and in 1990, it is chosen one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan. There are many gift shop around Shiraito Waterfall. Otodome Waterfall is right next to it.
Tourist info:
There are a couple of Hotels, camping place and a golf course.
0. at Fuji St.
1. take JR Minobu line to Fujinomiya (20 min.)
2. take bus to Shiraito no Taki (30 min.)

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Shiraito Waterfall

Shiraito Waterfall is one of the vest waterfalls around Mt. Fuji. All the water is coming from snow of Mt.Fuji. So, this fall is very unique because the falls do not have river run in to the fall. Over 200 waterfalls make beautiful white water curtain. They looks like Japanese Naiagara fall. It is very quiet waterfall.
When you are in Fujinomiya, visit this waterfall and Otodome waterfall.