100 Best Waterfalls in japan

Experience Beautiful Japanese Waterfalls!
There are about 2,500 waterfalls which has more than 5m (17 ft.) high and the constant activity of water. Japan is also know as the country of mountain and forest which create many beautiful waterfalls all over in Japan. The highest waterfall is Syomyodaki (称名滝) which has 350m (1170 ft.) high. We have 3 best waterfalls (三大 瀑布) in Japan, and 100 best waterfalls (日本の滝100 選) which selected by Ministry of the Environment and other NPO. If you are into waterfalls, check out the Japanese waterfalls. Many Japanese waterfalls have faces for each season. Some of the waterfalls will be frozen up completely in the winter. Some of the waterfalls have great autumn leaves. In the Spring, they have beautiful flowers, and in the summer, they have nice green leaves and huge amount of water.

Kegon Waterfall

Travel Information

Kegon Waterfall (華厳の滝, Kegonnotaki) is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, and one of the three great falls in Nikko, and one of the three great waterfalls in Japan. Moreover, Kegon waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Japan. It is located Okunikko (奥日光) in Tochigi Prefecture. Kegon waterfall is 97m(326 ft.) high, and 7m width. Water come from Lake Chuzenji (中禅寺湖), and a mount of water falls 2 tons per second. It sometimes increases tremendously after heavy rain. It is a grand view of 97m straight fall.

Tourist Info.
There is parking, restroom, and gift show. 520 yen for Observation deck which located the bottom of the fall. In the rain season, the fall sometimes covered by fog. Check the weather before you visit.

0. at Nikko Station
1. use Tobunikko bus to Kegononotaki iriguchi (45 min.)
2. walk (2 min.)

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