Kyu Shibarikyu Garden

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Kyu Shibarikyu Garden is one of the oldest garden in Japan located right next to Hamamatucho Station in Tokyo. It takes the typical style garden which is "Kaiyushikiizumiteien, 回遊式泉水庭園," means pond surrounded style of garden. The stones and island are the strong feature of this garden. This garden starts originally at 1655 as the garden of Tadatomo Okubo, and becomes public park at 1924. Also, it was chosen as one of the place of Japanese scenery in 1979.

Tourist Info.
Admission fee: 150 yen, 70 yen for over 65, and free for kids.
There is archery range.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use JR Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho Station (5 min.)
2. walk east (2 min.)

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Kyu Shibarikyu Garden

Enjoy beautiful Japanese garden in the Tokyo city. Kyu Shibarikyu is the one of the oldest garden in Japan. It is also chosen as the place of Japanese scenery in 1979. It has many flowers of seasons. So, visit here anytime for having relax moment and feeling history and beauty of Japanese garden in Tokyo.

It was the garden for Okubo family. At the end of Edo period, it became Kyisyu Tokugawa's garden and named "Shiba Garden." In 1875, it became a part of Imperial Garden. Then, in 1924, for the celebration of the wedding of the Showa Emperor, it opened for public.

The pond was used to be sea water, but right now it is pure water. There are middle island and float island. The pond also has the small beach. The middle island is designed in the motif of mountain of hermits.

The stone bridge access to the middle island is the original bridge from Okubo family designed and built around mid-17th century.

The great mountain is the hill located in the south part of the pond where you can see entire garden. You can enjoy the different shape of this mountain from different angles around the pond.