Shiba Park

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Shiba Park (芝公園, Shiba Koen) is a public park in Minato Ward. It across many years in the area near the temple of Zojoji (増上 寺), and history of the temple and park started 1598 by Ieyasu Tokugawa. It opened public at 1873, so Shiba park is one of the oldest park in Tokyo. The park is located between the Minato ward offices and the Tokyo Tower (東京タワー). Many of the footpaths in the park offer excellent views of the Tokyo Tower, so the park is a popular spot for dates, and appears in many television and film sequences. In the park, there are hotel, school, library and training facilities.

Tourist Info.
You can enjoy great vews of the Tokyo Tower anywhere in the park. There are many restrooms, but no parking.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use JR Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho (7 min.)
2. walk west (12 min.)

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Shiba Park

Shiba park is surrounded Zojoji temple because it was originally a part of the temple. On daytime, you can enjoy quiet moment or have nice excise with many training facilities placed in Shiba park. At night, you will have excellent views of the Tokyo Tower, so this is one of the major dating spots. The Tokyo Tower will be lighted up at nice. The nigh scene of Shiba park with the Tokyo Tower is one of the best night scene you can have in Tokyo.

Also, the view of Tokyo Tower with great gate of Zojoji temple is very interesting. It unique combination with new modern building and very traditional form of building.

Even Shiba park is located the middle of Tokyo, the park itself is very quiet. If you want get off from noisy places of Tokyo, visiting Shiba Park is one of the easy way to clear your mind.

There are almost no catering food or drink in the park.