Nanatsugama Godan Falls

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Nanatsugama Godan Falls (七ツ釜五段の滝, nanatsugamagodannotaki) is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan located in Nishizawa valley, Yamanashi. It is very unique waterfalls. The name literary means, waterfalls of 7 pots and 5 floors. So, it has five continued waterfalls which look like giant stairs. The height of the falls is, from the top, 3m, 4m, 2m, 9m and 20m.

Tourist Info.
It is located at the end of Nishizawa Valley hiking course. Parking and restroom is available.
1. at Yamanashi shi Station.
2. use Shiei bus to Nishizawa keikoku
3. walk hiking course (2 hrs.)

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Nanatsugama Godan Falls

It is so huge that you cannot see entire fall at one spot. Each falls are not so high, but when they are combined, it becomes huge stairs of waterfalls. Because it is located in deep side of Nishizawa Valley, it will take at least 2 hrs. of hiking. However, hiking course of Nishizawa Valley is vary popular for travel spots. Even the riverside is hard trekking course, the sidewalk is well constructed so that you can just visit this fall with light wearing. The water of the falls come from Mt. Kobushigatake, 2,475m and run into Fuefuki river to the Fuji river. Green leaves around the falls are very beautiful after the season of cherry blossom, and also the autumn leaves are excellent.