Miura Fuji Hiking

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Miura Fuji Hiking (三浦富士ハイキング) is a nice hiking trail in Miura peninsula. There is Mt. Fuji in Miura Peninsula and this hiking trail travels Miura Mt. Fuji and Mt. Takeyama that both have great views of Miura Peninsula and Tokyo Bay Area. The hiking takes about 4 hours and you can enjoy great nature of Miura peninsula. Also, there are some local shops that you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking.
There are some restroom spots.

0. at Kurihama Station.
1. use Keikyu line to Tsukuihama Station.

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Miura Fuji Hiking

The altitude
Miura Mt. Fuji:183m
Mt. Takeyama: 200m
For beginners.

Miura Fuji Hiking route is one of the popular hiking spot in Miura Peninsula. It is very easy, but there are many nature just like hiking on the deep side of mountains. It has great views at each top of the mountains. In the clear day, you could see Mt. Fuji as well. At the top of Mt. Takeyama, there are an observatory and tables for lunch.

Starts at Tsukuihama Station.
Miura Mt. Fuji
Mt. Hodai
Mt. Takeyama (restroom)
back to Tsukuihama Station.