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Kimpusenji Temple (金峯山寺) is one of the oldest and powerful temples located in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture. It was established by Priest Ennogyoja who found Sugendo before the 12th century. Yoshino is one of the sacred sites for Sugendo for a long time and a part of Kumano Pilgrimage. Therefore, it is registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. The main hall was constructed in 1582 and registered as the national treasure of Japan. Also, the gate is registered as the national treasure as well. The main hall holds the great statues of Zao Gongen.

Visitor's Info.
There is parking at Yoshino and restroom.

0. at Kashihara Jingumae Station.
1. use Kintetsu Yoshino Line to Yoshino Station.
2. use Ropeway to the Yoshino.

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Kimpusenji Temple
The approach to the temple Kimpusen-ji consists of a main black gate, a copper gate and a final gate. The main hall is a magnificent two-story structure thatched with silver cedar bark. It was rebuilt in 1592; however, it is possible that the foundation dates beyond the oldest documentation of 1103. The main hall is constructed of 68 wooden pillars and measures 27.3m wide, 25.8m long, and has a height of 33.9m. An especially unique pillar was carved from the trunk of a rare azalea tree. The main hall of Kimpusen-ji is consecrated by the three great images Kongo Zao Gongen, which is the object of mountain worship fused with Buddhism. For this reason, Kimpusen-ji is generally referred to as Zao do.